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Are you curious about getting your Ph.D.? I work with several U.K. and Swiss Universities, ensuring your expertise can be presented as a doctoral thesis. 

Are you coaching challenging clients and may need support? Or perhaps you need to refine your niche? If so my supervision service may help.

Are you a coach wanting to build a big online coaching practice - close more sales and have more online coaching clients?

I've developed a toolbox of services addressing these and other topics relevant to many coaching and academic colleagues.
If you like let's chat.

Ph.D. Degree

& Academic Supervision

Best for professionals who want to present their expertise as an academic degree

Let's talk about your academic options and obtaining your PhD. I will facilitate the application and can supervise you through your entire process.


Supervision Program

Support for coaches and other professionals who want to build sell their services

Finding how to build your platform, define your business niche is vital for success. Together we'll ensure clients to buy your services.


Sales Tools For Coaches

Best for coaches who want to sell more coaching hours and have many more online clients

Learn how to use applied neuroscience in the sales process - use my "brain hacks" to convert more clients into coaching clients.