Coaching Programs

After presenting our research at Harvard Med. (IOC) we developed the N3 Coaching Programs.


The research findings from behavioral neuroscience and applied to match your coaching needs. 

All programs are suitable for ONLINE coaching.


Many executives have found tangible benefits as per testimonials below.


Executive & Leadership Coaching

6 -12 Sessions / 3 - 6 months

Research shows that executives are at high risk of burnout with occupational stress being a major epidemic. 

In this coaching program you'll work closely with me to apply techniques that help to improve health, increase resilience and refine leadership skills.


Performance Pressure & Self Organization

6 -12 Sessions / 3 - 6 months

Professional degrees are invaluable to ensure executives will take their career into the C suite.


Many fall off because they burn-out. In this coaching you'll experience improved problem-solving skills under pressure. 

You'll find control over symptoms of performance anxiety and sustain their resilience. Results show improved IQ and enhanced memory.


Career & Talent


6 -12 Sessions / 3 - 6 months

`New generation executives  thiNk different!


They want a balanced life, not just a professional existence. 

The goals of the previous generations are not always relevant. 

Career Coaching ensures corporate talent develops the right leadership skills to master the challenges of the C suite.


General Resilience

& Improved Health

6 -12 Sessions / 3 - 6 months

This program is designed to train the brain find balance, happiness and increase functional fitness. 

The program helps you create new habits and overcome stress related symptoms such as migraine, insomnia, burnout, weight gain, emotional distress or anxieties.

The program measurably improves your stress levels and well being.


Career & Life


6 -12 Sessions / 3 - 6 months

This program is designed to ensure your brain finds balance, happiness and improve your philosophical and social fitness. You will create new habits and overcome any issues linked to depression or anxiety. We measurably improve your stress levels and well being, through developing new behaviors. 

You will connect to your core values, and transform all intentions and dreams, into goals and action to deliver the life you want.




6 -12 Sessions / 3 - 6 months

Improving concentration ensures athletes find their optimal brain states. There are various assessment tools and genetic tests which can be applied. The outcomes in the 1st part of the program cover health, stress and performance resilience. 
In phase 2 we refine your intentions & focus on the areas which are the ones relevant for your performance needs. The final phase will perfect your neuropsychological fitness that drives performance.

"Neuroscience is popular in business today,

yet most executive coaches have limited expertise. In my work I bring the science to life. My coaches and I focus on business and individual needs and ensure sustainable results. Globally we are setting new standards in leadership development.”

- Dr. Justin James Kennedy -