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I consult organizations in the areas of behavioral neuroscience.

(Neuro) Psychological Safety 

In discussion with thought leaders in Psychological Safety, I proposed the model of Neuro-Psychological Safety to make sure that teams flourish online and in offices.

Wellness App Content Development

This work is really groundbreaking! This new app grants access to health and rescue services. My role is to build in wellness solutions that sustain the user's wellbeing.

The Neuroscience of Organisational Wellbeing

My chapter on the Neuroscience of Wellbeing for a university textbook, details how my consulting services ensure people thrive and perform best remotely and in office.

Neuroscience Coaching in Business

In my book: Brain Reboot, I shared my own journey from being in a coma into studying neuroscience. My clients all build a tool-box to change their brains to perform at peak!.   

Brain-Based Sales Tools
Many coaches ask me how about my approach to getting so many clients online.
My sales tools ensure professionals & coaches will effectively close big deals online

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Shell Dr. Justin Kennedy
Shell Dr. Justin Kennedy

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