Corporate Wellbeing starts right here. Health and wellness are only important if they show a direct business benefit. We make sure organizations sustain a healthier workplace in order to ensure people are more efficient and productive. Our services are simple and effective. We get employees on the right track to be happy and flourish at work by increasing their personal wellness and performance levels.



Our Corporate Services Approach

Identification of  Needs

We consult with your leadership team to understand your organizational needs


Determined Focus

We agree area the focus areas needed:

Health & Fitness / Thinking Skills & Creativity / Performance & Leadership.


Draft of Concept

With a mix of interactive workshops, learning lunches and coaching sessions in line with your budget requirements, we help you define a bespoke solution for your group.


4 Roll-out

We facilitate the implementation of your performance-wellness for your group, over a day, a week, a month or even longer.


ROI Measured Results

Your Wellbeing Campaign to track your ROI of performance-wellness can apply survey tools and/or smartphone supported brain biotechnology


Wellbeing Solion 1 - Health Triggers

Get Your Team's Health In Check

This program is often the first phase as it attends to building resilience to lifestyle related dis-ease. It is the best program to introduce wellbeing in your workplace by creating awareness, implementing fun activities of wellness in the office and create a kick start towards more balance in the work environment. Expert lunch&learn sessions, short presentations, and engaging group activities will strengthen teamwork, and enhance overall happiness based performance in the workplace. We will ensure your team will create more awareness about their 'functional fitness' by speaking about what can be done to enhance resilience to burn-out, insomnia, migraine, obesity, diabetes and symptoms of hypertension. We will engage with experts from different fields and make this a fun journey into workplace wellbeing.

Wellbeing Solution 2 - Thinking Triggers

Thrive - Sharpen Your Team's Thinking Skills & Enhance Creativity in Problem Solving

This wellbeing package will enhance strategic thinking and sustain the cognitive health in your organization. It is best suitable for teams working in a fast/moving environment where decisions have to be taken swiftly and laser sharp thinking is not required, but the only way to not get fired. 

"A change of mind changes everything" is the key here. A mix of interactive workshops and individual coaching have shown to increase IQ test scores, personal innovation in problem-solving and the emergence of team-based creativity skillset

Wellbeing Solution 3 - Performance Triggers

Perform In Tough Times And Fascilitate Change Management

This package is most effective in functional teams going through rough economic times or for those going through a change management process. It is suitable for mid-senior to senior executive teams. The objective is to empower managers and business leaders to emotional balance, mental strength, and physical resilience. The program involves group and individual coaching focused on the specific individual needs. Executive teams and leaders fully understand how to flourish and the role positive psychology based leadership style. Teams find how to apply neuroscience-based behavior techniques in their managerial roles, become role models for their teams and find out know how to sustain team performance even during times of distress. 

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