Prof. Kennedy is a Thought Leader & Executive Coach in Organizational Neuroscience. 

His corporate career was interrupted by a motorbike accident, which left him in a coma. After several brain surgeries and a lengthy recovery process, he learned what was needed to reboot his brain again. With strict discipline and endless willpower, he presented a Ph.D. thesis based on his research in neuroscience in Switzerland several years later. He was invited to do a TED talk and presented his research in applied neuroscience at the Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School Conference, in Boston in 2016.


His book "Brain Reboot - A Change of Mind Will Change Your Brain" launched in March 2019 and was endorsed by the #1 leading coach Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, in the USA.


the UAE. Besides his academic and today Dr. Kennedy is a globally recognized professor of neuroscience and Organizational Behavior with bespoke Business Schools and Universities in Switzerland, the UK, South Africa roles Dr. Kennedy holds several US coaching accreditations and a clinical healthcare license.


He runs an executive coaching practice ( out of NY and Dubai and engages as keynote speaker in the US, Africa and the Middle East, aspiring executives to peak performance.


He developed the neuroscience-based N3 Coaching model offering various programs designed to sustain well-being while developing behavioral techniques to perform at peak. His work is based on brain data to ensure medically measurable results in his clinical, academic and corporate work. 

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Prof. Kennedy focusses on showing his audience practical ways to control their brain to perform at peak and even increase IQ and memory. He explains how to simply control symptoms of stress, and how to find happiness easily and effortlessly. He makes neuroscience understandable for everyone in an entertaining and memorable way.

2018 Visiting Professor Canadian University

2017 Visiting Professor Canterbury University, UK

2015 ongoing 

Prof. Justin James Kennedy FZE

Executive Coaching, Keynote Speaker - Dubai, UAE


2013 ongoing  

Research Professor at the University of Pretoria’s Department of Neuroscience - Pretoria, SA


2012 ongoing  

Dean: Professor of Organisational Behaviour - UGSM

Monarch Business School - Switzerland


2012 - 2015

Sherpa Coaching - Ohio, USA

CEO Sherpa Coaching in South Africa


2012 - 2013      

Head of Institute of the Free State's Business School Bloemfontein -South Africa


2011 - 2012     

Doctorate of Professional Studies (D.Prof), UGSM Monarch Business School - Switzerland


2008 - 2012     

Head of Institute: Personal Excellence & Senior Lecturer, Business School of The Free State - South Africa

2003 - 2008     

Visiting Academic at SA College of Applied Psychology, University of Cape Town - South Africa 


2000 - 2003     

Senior Leadership and Change Management Researcher/Consultant Dublin - Ireland

1999 - 2000    

Year of Coma and Recovery


1994 -1998     

Internal HR Consultant, Shell Oil - South Africa

Detailed Biography



Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

Du Toit, P., Kennedy, J. J.Wood, P., Grant, C. C., Nortje, E., Kleynhans, M., Fletcher, L., Krüger, P.E., Joubert, A. M., , Ferreira, R., Van Schoor, A., Joubert, F., Gericke, G., (2013) :

A comparison between the cardio-stress indices of an active and a sedentary population. Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Natuurwetenskap en Tegnologie/South African Journal of Science and Technology 32(1).

·  Kennedy, J.J. (2013) Teenager Exam Performance Anxiety: an application to improve working memory and problem solving skills; results from school studies. Journal of Neurotherapy (77).

·  Kennedy, J.J. (2011) Application of Heart Rate Variation Protocols to Improve Leadership: Executive Working Memory Stress.  Results from Corporate Studies. NeuroLeadership (4) 17.

·  Kennedy, J. J., Pretorius, Miranda (2008) Integrating a Portable Biofeedback Device into Call Centre Environments to Reduce Employee Stress: Results from Two Pilot Studies. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health 23(3), pp.295-307.

·  Kennedy, J.J. (2007) Neurocardiac and Neuro-biofeedback Measurement of Financial Executive Performance. Neuroleadership Journal (4) 17


* Multiple IP protected studies funded by corporations were not possible to publish as the companies see these outcomes as a competitive advantage I their industries.

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