Wellbeing Is A Journey, Not A Destination. Why This Is True?

Wellness by Prof. Justin Kennedy

Think of your weight or sleeping habits.

If they could be better would that improve your overall health and wellbeing? Yes, but you might ask - What is the reason that wellbeing needs to be a ‘journey’? Having met your ideal weight is great. However, your scale data is pretty much irrelevant, unless you have flexible muscle mass and keep your weight consistently maintained.

It's the same with sleep.

Your brain will not be properly rejuvenated if you slept enough last night but didn’t get enough sleep the whole week prior. You can't bank sleep. Neuroscience shows that you need to journey and find a way to routinely maintain your sleep-hygiene for almost every night to ensure your brain is healthy and you wake up energized.

It’s the same with your emotions.

A promotion in your job is wonderful news but it needs to be put in the context of your life. If it means you’ll miss your baby’s first steps is it really worth it?

Emotional wellbeing is often very confusing.

What gives the brain the emotions of joy or excitement (Norepinephrine), doesn’t always correlate with feeling calm and happy (Serotonin), in the long term. We have to go on a journey and find what works for us personally. Of course, there's certain healthy brain-rules to follow, but one size doesn't fit all.

Along with Suzanne Radford of Dubai Eye, the Wellbeing 360 Health & Wellness Show has asked me to be their knowledge partner. During the conference, we will take all delegates on a unique personal journey of wellbeing. With expert speakers, we’ll ensure everyone gets a felt sense of benefit and leaves with a road-map for sustaining wellbeing in life and work.

There will be some surprising learning points, too. I will share the neurological fact that sleeping more results in less need to work long hours. You’ll also learn why your presumably healthy morning run has negative repercussions on your physical health and even your cognitive abilities.

If you would like to learn more from the lineup of expert speakers and colleagues, please click below to qualify for one out of five free VIP guest tickets.

See you at the Wellbeing 360 Gulf Health & Wellness Show 2017 | 10 April 2017.

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Justin Kennedy

And Remember – A Change Of Mind Changes Everything

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