What Is The Difference Between Joy And Happiness?

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What’s the Difference Between Joy & Happiness?

Happiness occurs when the brain does NOT experience fear. Happiness is a felt sense of well-being linked with contentment, safety, satisfaction and pleasure. Happy states are caused by the transmission of happy hormones detailed in my previous blog.

However, joy is a much stronger. Joy is short lived and cannot be sustained for long. Joy is a feeling of delight or bliss which is exhausting in the long run. It is also linked to states of neurological stress.

In preparation for this blog I’ve discussed the difference between joy and happiness with academics globally. I even spoke with the Dr. David, who edit​ed the Oxford Handbook of Happiness​. We ​​discussed the longest ever study related to happiness​, which ​began in the 1930’s​. Harvard tracked the lives of over 700 men from their teens into old age. Using brain scans and many other tests, ​they​ measured ​what made them happy. The study showed what are the key things that improve ​overall happiness and well-being. According to this Harvard study here are the keys to living a happy life:

Pick Your Parents Carefully

Loving parents cause your brain to produce more happy hormones. But luckily for those who didn’t have a Disney childhood, it is still possible to re-boot your brain to be happier. It just takes work.

Be A Mentor To Somebody

Simply by helping others feel good you will become happier, too as your brain releases the hormone Oxytocin. If you nurture millennials it will even reduce the problems of a difficult childhood because your brain will reprocess your old memories.

Become Stress Resilient

By engaging directly with the issue rather than pushing it away, you’ll have happier relationships. This makes it easier to return to feeling happy and also predicts healthier aging into your 70s. You will even make your brain stay sharper and younger, just by not bottling it up!

Break Bad Habits Early

Quitting smoking or starting to exercise earlier in life predicts that you’ll stay healthy longer in life. Your brain will stay sharper, and your immune system will be stronger.

Spend Time With Others

Looking back people often report relationships as the most meaningful component in their lives. Time with nice people buffers the brain against the sad moods, improves physical health and even reduces pain.

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