Can You have a Brainy-Belly Holiday? CDP Programs in Dubai

Get on the road to health, with these Brainy-Belly Holiday Tips

Holidays are the perfect time to research your eating habits. You’ll really have enjoyed your holidays if you come back a stone lighter.

In your holidays it is even harder to resist culinary temptations. Eating is a social experience and in our holidays we love to be social. An ice cream with our kids, a cool sugary sun-downer, a pizza or, an afternoon coffee with some cake, all makes us feel connected and enjoy ourselves in the holidays. But these holiday habits often makes us gain weight, which is not good for our health.

Did you know that a brain attack (or stroke) is directly liked to what you eat?

Our diet has direct impact on brain potential and overall health. According to Dr Carolyn Dunn from North Carolina State University, you can end dieting disappointments, by simply making it fun! ​Mindful eating, helps control weight. Give your stomach a holiday by eating mindfully.

The 3 keys to successful mindful eating over the holidays which really works for my clients in Dubai Heathcare City are:

1. Finding a mindful diet

Simply experiment with the HOW and WHY you eat. Do you want or need the next bite? ​Do you want a sugary drink or will sparkling water be a good replacement? Do you order pizza because everybody is eating pizza or will you be satisfied with a salad? Most of us were schooled to finish whats on our plates! This old eating habit is literally the primary cause of obesity. To control this, only eat from small plates. You will psychologically feel finished quicker, with less food​. Also wait 15 seconds between bites​. Your brain gets fuller slower, than you belly.

2. Enhance your "Brain Power" - Your ability to use mental habits, impacts your belly In holidays we often eat only for social reasons rather than for nutritional needs, which isn't good. So if you can't or don't want to skip a social meal, at least involve your brain power. Try to consciously chew on the other side of your mouth that you don't usually use. Pay attention and simply switch sides. ​This makes you eat slower and mindfully. You will get fuller quicker and eat less.

3. Eat Brain Foods To Boost Focus and Memory before eating carbs and sugar

Eat fibre and fat first every day on holiday and you’ll be more motivated to skip that sugary treat or replace it with some healthy nuts. Also h​ave a big gulp of water between bites and before meals. ​Keeping hydrated makes you less hungry. Your stomach doesn’t know if it is water or jello, or chips. Full is full. Try it out … drink a liter of water and see if you are still hungry.​ Also remind yourself that by nature your brain craves fat … not sugar or carbs. Fat usually comes packed in sugar. Think of that chocolate power bar you crave. Give your brain what it craves without the sugar.

Have a brainy-belly holiday. Let Your Brain Lose Weight by eating more Fat & Proteins.

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