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Deep Brain Stimulation is Now Used to Treat Addiction

By inserting a small pacemaker into the brain, chronic addictive behaviors are now better controlled. A deep brain stimulation (DBS) pacemaker causes an increase in serotonin, resulting in a sense of well-being, regulation of mood, appetite, and sleep. Even a felt sense of happiness occurs.

Addiction treatment is evolving fast!

This is because, there are so many new ways to get addicted. It’s no longer “IF” you are addicted to things like your phone, but “WHAT” you are addicted to? Apps like Facebook or Instagram connect us, but at the same time can leave us feeling disconnected.

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) has been used to manage a variety of neurological problems like Parkinson's disease and Dystonia.

A Landmark In Neurosurgery

This year DBS neurosurgery treated a businessman’s addiction to alcohol. The patient struggled with chronic alcohol addiction for decades. After attending a specialist recovery center, along with psychotherapy, health coaching and being prescribed ‘anti-booze’ medicine, he still kept relapsing, explained his psychiatrist Dr. Saravanan. The patient had even developed uncontrollable tremors and memory problems.

A DBS surgery involved inserting an electrode deep into his brain’s nucleus encumbrance, and connecting a small pacemaker to stimulate secretion of serotonin. The surgery has caused the patient to now feel calmer. Since the surgery he has not relapsed to his previous addictive behaviors.

After the DBS surgery, his brain secretes more serotonin. He hasn't shown and any signs of relapse, and his addiction is very much under control.

Step By Step Solutions

Alcoholism is only one kind of addiction. All addictions have the same or similar neurological markers. Do You show any signs of addiction? Please see below and answer YES or NO:

  1. I find myself doing behaviors unconsciously like biting my nails or checking social media?

  2. In fact, If I ‘catch myself’ doing my addictive behavior, I still go ahead and do it anyway?

  3. Things like my over-eating or constantly looking at my phone, have negative side effects on my relationships, my health, or my emotional well-being?

If you said yes to these 3 questions, you may want to speak to someone you trust.

Addiction is no longer only the realm of drug addicts and alcoholics. For example, food and phones are now also very - VERY addictive. Do You need support to build healthy new habits?

If You or a loved one needs help, or just want to talk to an expert in this field, please get in touch to safely inquire about our health coaching programs.

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And Remember – A Change Of Mind Changes Everything

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