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How do You Trigger Sleepiness in Your Brain?

· Are you questioning everything at bed-time?

· Do you make too many long to-do lists?

Questioning yourself isn’t good at all. This is because your brain works digitally like an on/off switch. When you are thinking/problem solving your brain cannot go offline to sleep.

Sure, you can blame it on your demands, but it's actually caused by your brain type. Once we assess your brain it is possible to apply sleep technology and techniques to calm your body and mind enough so you can sleep-on-purpose. Basically, to rip through your insomnia you need to stop worrying. This is what keeps you counting sheep until sunrise. So you know that right? What you really want is to know how to stop your mind from racing tonight.

A Landmark in Sleep Medicine

There is allot out there about sleep medicine. My experience makes for simple solutions so that sleep comes easily every night. Here are the steps that work in my sleep practise. The 5 steps to engage your brain in recharge mode and sleep deeply are:

1) Finding out if you’re a polyphasic sleeper

2) Building sleep-hygiene procedures

3) Hearing yourself falling asleep

4) Appling sleep medical technology

5) Staying asleep with lucid dreaming

So what's the plan to Shut Down Your Brain Tonight?

Insights from the world of sleep genetics, will unlock the right amount of rest in your brain. This week the 1st THREE who reply get this at no cost. So please hurry to avoid disappointment and I’ll get your brain to sleep-on-purpose to wake up before your alarm – feeling rested, and with happy energy.

Please email Sally with this reference code: SLEEP2.0.

Looking forward to help you sleep like Rip van Winkle.

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And Remember – A Change Of Mind Changes Everything

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