When Winning isn't enough...

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Would You Be Happy Winning a Gold Medal?

Michael Phelps is the most successful sportsman … EVER! He’s got 23 Olympic golds. So you’d think he’d be pretty happy, maybe even delighted!? He recently shared he often gets depressed. He's even contemplated suicide. Clearly exercise isn't always enough to help one feel better.

When Winning isn’t enough

Depression can set in when one feels they have no other way left to feel better. When your brain gets emotionally out of control, this can leave you feeling at a loss.

So, isn't success the point?

Phelps explained that “… after every Olympics ... I fell into a major state of depression”. Depression? But he usually won! How could this happen after being so successful? Phelps recently spoke about the importance of 'behavioral health' to improve his mood disorder.

Is it a neurological disease?

In neuroscience and according to the FDA, not all depression requires failure. And is does not always require pharmaceutical treatment. If feeling low won't budge, it is often best to start with a brief behavioral health intervention that works to improve your emotional state or mood.

At break-point?

Pro & semi pro athletes are at a very high risk of emotional breakdown. They feel isolated. We developed simple protocols to sustain/increase peak performance and overall well-being. Please start with a process that improves your emotional state of 'dis-ease' before it leads to mental disease.

How to get help

Drugs for mental health are most often not the best place to start. If you or someone is feeling suicidal, emotional or just want to get your A-Game back, we are here to help. Please do reach out and schedule a chat anytime.

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