Does Your Brain Work Like a Radio Receiver?

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The scientific magazine Neuron recently published evidence that the brain has a 'tuning knob'. Researchers have found the brain circuits that tune-in to find specific memory and attention frequencies. The brain then refines this frequency to synchronize, just like a radio receiver.

Tune-in Your Brain

Basically, this tuning-in, in the brain, helps you focus on the most relevant information from your memory, at any given time.

What’s the Point?

The study showed that tuning the neural frequencies gets your brain to pay the right kind of attention. This helps you, problem solve most intelligently within your environment or situation.

So, Can You Train Your Brain to Perform?

The FDA has cleared technology that we now apply clinically. We also can apply your Smartphone to enhance your brain performance, e.g. improved focus, memory, reduced stress and even delete problems like insomnia.

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