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"All my coaching and corporate wellbeing programs train the brain, and get you in a state of healthy wellbeing. The use of biotechnology is very useful but of course optional. It is a great tool to track progress in the program and measure benefits. It helps to stay in focus and ensures to reach full performance potential."


- Prof. Dr. Kennedy -

Brain Potential

Brain Simulation

Nasa Sleep Technology

The brain is measured via direct current. Non-invasive recorderd brain data helps manage attention and memory in a matter of minutes. The data is recorded on a phone in real time and the coaching process helps the executive be resilient and ready to perform each day. The technology also measures metabolic and heart rate to ensure the executive can sustain healthy performance. This technology is already used extensively in the Olympics and by professional
footballers like Lionel Messi.

The brain simulation technology lightly stimulates the brain to boost concentration, improve sleep and find calm emotional state if applied appropriately as part of coaching. It is already applied extensively in the military and medicine. Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a form of brain stimulation using very safe, low electrical current to the scalp. Research shows that tDCS helps patients with brain injuries and depression.There is evidence that it is useful for cognitive enhancement and memory improvement for executives in demanding working environments. 

 This NASA funded technology was designed to help astronauts find sleep on purpose in space without natural sunlight cues. As sleep is vital for brain health we use the technology to explore the neurobiological functions associated with your sleep cycle. The data and coding results have shown to help our clients ensure their brains get the right amount of healthy sleep. As a result peak performance, improved memory and happiness states are triggered in the brains of our executive clients.

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