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Professor Kennedy's workshops are designed for specific needs of a company or leadership audience. What counts is not reading but taking action and practicing new brain habits. All workshops are a great help to start improving one of these habits and directly impact behavior change. Learning about the working brain along with biotechnology ensures sustainable and measurable results. The workshops are designed for no more than 20 attendants and complimented with case studies and interactive discussions. The workshops focus on active brain based learning theory but in a very hands-on way, where delegates leave with a personal behavior plan ready to implement back in their workplace.


Professor Kennedy's seminars overview the latest discoveries in neuroscience and show how this knowledge impacts the brain at work. They show how the brain performs and how we can train it to perform in a way we want, to be most effective at work and in private. What counts is practicing a bit every day until small steps snowball into brain habits. The seminars are a great help to see how to change old and create new habits. Clients have a choice to book seminars from the existing portfolio list. Alternatively, bespoke tailored solutions can be created as per company needs. The duration is from 1 day to one week and targeted for an auditorium of up to 100 people.

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