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Marshall Goldsmith - the world’s #1 coach says: “When I met Justin, he shared the biggest change in recovering from a coma was not learning to walk and talk again but feeling happy. His journey is remarkable. His book shares his experience and insights in how the brain is triggered and what you can do to become the person you want to be at work and in life. His journey is your gain as he shares the neuro-anatomy of what is possible to be the best version of yourself.”

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Hi, I'm Justin and I'm here to teach you about, consult you and coach you in behavioral neuroscience applications.


In the past decade, I've presented on over 100 occasions. I've delivered keynote presentations in the US, Middle East, Africa and Online. I've performed at numerous conferences all over the world and was featured in media over 500 times.


Watch my Tedx Talk or check out my LinkedIn profile to get an impression of my work as a thought leader and keynote speaker.


If you prefer to have a conversation simply get in touch


ION - Institute of Organisational Neuroscience, Australia

ION is a collaboration between academics, corporations, institutes and consultants who are interested in the profession and practices associated within the emerging science of the brain at work. I'm co-founder of ION.


UGSM - Monarch Business School, Switzerland

At Monarch Business School Switzerland I'm am Adjunct Professor for the Doctoral Program DProf with a focus on Organisational Neuroscience.


University of Pretoria - Neuroscience Research Group, South Africa 

At the University of Pretoria I'm part of the Neuroscience Research Group Management Committee: Design and delivery of the Neuroscience Coaching online and campus CE Courses.


Canterbury Christ Church University, United Kingdom

At Canterbury University I'm on Faculty at the Institute of Applied Neuroscience involved in Program Development


Middlesex University,

United Kingdom

At Middlesex University I'm a Consulting Professor for the Doctoral Program DProf with a focus on Organisational Neuroscience.


Canadian University, 

United Arab Emirates

At the Canadian University in Dubai I've had the role of Visiting Professor in Leadership Management & Organizational Behavior

Academic Background

Reboot Your Brain -

my story from being in a coma to becoming a


This is an adventure of a book. It explains how to reboot your brain, be happier, healthier and perform better in your work and personal life. Stories from my executive clients and life-changing experiences from my own life will help you understand the basic neurology of our brain, and give you tips and easy exercises of how to start rebooting your brain.You’ll learn that your brain has only one emotional trigger, and how your feelings follow.

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