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What is a Professional Doctorate?

A professional doctorate is an advanced postgraduate degree that offers the opportunity to develop your professional career and validate your expertise at doctoral level.

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What's the difference to a traditional Ph.D.?

Compared to traditional Ph.D.’s (Doctor of Philosophy), professional Ph.D.’s are new. They were recently incorporated into universities because traditional PhDs were too academic. They are not suited to professions. These professionals often have valuable knowledge and expertise that can defended at doctoral level.

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Why should I obtain a Ph.D.?

It demonstrated your expertise. You will have the opportunity to explore a subject matter you are passionate about. You will structure your own thinking and standing as the expert in the field. And last not least, a Ph.D. has impact on your earnings, in most of the cases.

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Why do I need a Ph.D. coaching program?

Well you don't. But working with an experienced academic coach guiding you through the process and coaching you all the way through your Ph.D. is often the critical differentiator that will make you succeed.

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What can I expect to get from it?

You will understand what it takes to get accepted at a university and get it all together under my supervision and guidance. In the process you will gain clarity about your intellectual property and submit a research proposal with an abstract meeting the university's requirements.

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What does the coaching process cover?

The Ph.D. Coaching will guide you through the application and help you to succeed in all 5 phases of process. This stretches from drafting your motivational letter, to structuring your research proposal, positioning your research in the competitive marketplace, drafting a study design and explaining why your research is relevant.

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How long will it take to graduate?

The shortest duration to complete a professional Ph.D. is one year. However that is not the norm. The average duration is 2 -3 years, however that depends on what you bring in and how successful you are in your studies. My 3 months coaching program will help you get registered successfully at a university that suits your requirements best.

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How much do I have to invest?

The professional Ph.D. study fees are usually lower than the study fees you have to pay to obtain an academic Ph.D.. This is simply because of the shorter study times. The investment for the Ph.D. coaching starts at $1490/month.

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How Can I find out if I qualify?

Most professionals with years of expertise, don’t know that there is a doctoral program designed for them. Application requirements are sometimes overwhelming and often shy away candidates who actually meet the requirements. 2 Decades of expertise have thought me what universities look out for. 

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Tim Wigham, Ph.D. Cand.

Justin has been phantastic in helping me in clarifying my topic, to pull together my metrial and how to best approach the best uni to support my Ph.D. in published works.

Linda Ray, Ph.D. Cand.

Justin has been coaching me in my Ph.D. journey and made me "Olympic Fit" for task. He asked my very good questions and got me clarity about what I was doing. He did this with an injection of humor and deep grasp and knowledge of neuroscience in a non stuffy, non academic way.

Meg Price, PhD. Cand.

Dr. Kennedy has helped me secure a place for my Professional Ph.D. and really enjoyed the process. It was a phantastic experience. Thanks Justin.

Randy Swaim, Ph.D. Cand.

Dr. Kennedy is committed and got me into my ideal doctorate in neuroscience that is 100% relevant to my work as executive coach.

Claire Dale, Ph.D. Cand.

Justin made this Ph.D. Coaching process so easy. He created steps that are doable. We had in depth conversations that felt very light and very connected. I came back from these conversations and felt I've been taking away a big leap in my thinking. 

Ph.D. Coaching Program

& Supervision

Have you ever thought about obtaining a professional Doctorate?

Most professional don't know that there is a way to obtain a professional Ph.D. that is based on their experience and related to their practical work achievements.

I help professionals who qualify for a professional Ph.D. get started to achieve their academic dream and coach them through the process.

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