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Organizational Wellbeing Neuroscience

Are you an organization or practitioner interested in applied neuroscience in business? 

I will help you develop innovative interventions and sustainable solutions that improve organisational performance and wellbeing 

I can support you in these areas


Keynotes about Neuroscience Applications in Business

On numerous occasions I have presented how neuroscience can be applied in an organizational context.

If your organization is looking for a memorable keynote featuring neuroscience applications in a business get in touch to discuss your needs.


(Neuro) Psychological

Safety Programs

In discussion with thought leaders in Psychological Safety, I've developed the model of Neuro-Psychological Safety to make sure that teams flourish long term. If your organization is interested in assessing and addressing psychological safety at the workplace get in touch to discuss possible assessments and interventions.


Wellness App

Content Development

If you're an app provider I can help you create neuroscience-based content for their software applications and worked with their teams on developing brain-friendly tools for their users. Take a look at an example here.


Organisational Wellbeing Interventions

Under the umbrella of ION - Institute of Organisational Neuroscience a team of neuroscience experts offers assessments, interventions, education and coaching. Find out more about my work with ION.


Neuroplastician™ Certification

If you're a coach or practitioner you might want to add a neuroscience aspect to your work. The npn Neuroplastitian™ Certification will educate you in the  neuroscience and will give your work an even more scientific foundation. 

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Neuroscience Hacks

in the Sales Process

In collaboration with marketing experts, I have developed a neuromarketing course specialized on teaching theories and skills required to understand and influence decision making and buying behaviour. Go and find out more about the Brain Hack Project here.

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