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What is Neuroplasticity?

We find that neuroplasticity describes changes in the brain that occur during coaching.


What is a Neuroplastician?

A coach who wants to effectively apply neuroplasticity can become a Certified Neuroplastician.


Why should I become a Neuroplastician?

It demonstrates your expertise as a coach and gives You the opportunity to ensure your clients sustain new habits at the fundamental level. It will structure you and your brain as the expert.

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What can I expect from the program?

In this program you’ll learn what it takes to be accepted as an expert in coaching with neuroscience. 


How long will it take me to graduate?

The shortest duration is 6 months. However that depends on what you bring and how successful you are in your studies. This Neuroplastician™ certification will register to meet all the requirements.


How much do I have to invest?

The fees are to obtain the is investment for starts at $990 or $99 for 10 months.


How Can I find out if I qualify?

Most professional coaches with years of expertise, don’t know that there is a certification to be a Neuroplastician™ this program is designed for them. Application requirements are dependent on your coaching qualifications.


Who has developed the program?

The Neuroplastician Certification Program has been developed by a group of scientists and licensed practitioners from around the world. It is based on research and brings the neuroscience to you in a structured format that is easy to understand and apply in a coaching or healthcare environment.


Who can provide more details?

I can and I'm happy to do so. I'm Dr. Justin Kennedy, Professor with several academic institutions and have a long track record in applied neuroscience. You can find my publications online and take a look at my profile here or on LinkedIn.

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NeuroplasticianTM Endorsements

Dr. Justin Kennedy, TEDx Speak, Behavioural Neuroscience Professor at Monarch Business School, Switzerland

The Neuroplastician Certification Program has been developed, reviewed and signed off by a group of scientists, training providers and licensed practitioners from around the world. It ensures that the candidate's experience and training meets the standards of knowledge in applying neuroscience.

Professor K. Maguire, Business School Research, Middlesex University

The Institute of Organisational Neuroscience consistently identifies and refers top-tier Doctoral Candidates, all of whom are accomplished Neuroplasticians, to engage in cutting-edge complexity-based research at Middlesex University.

​Dr Ragnar Purje, Neuroscientist & Adjunct Senior Lecturer CQUniversity

I am a neuroscientist and the author of Responsibility Theory. I endorse the discipline of the Neuroplastician™. My aim is to constructively empower and transform the lives of teachers and students. This begins by answering this maxim “I’ve got the power to change my brain, my thinking, my behavior, my attitude, my choices, my actions and my life.

Dr. Ken Purnell, Professor & Head of Educational Neuroscience at CQUniversity 

As Head of Educational Neuroscience, I confidently endorse the Institute of Organizational Neuroscience and the npnHub for their cutting-edge approach to leveraging neuroscience research to optimise personal and organisational performance and drive personal and business success.

Have you been thinking about applying neuroscience in your professional coaching or licensed healthcare practice?

Neuroscience is a trending science and comes along with rising demand in professional certification programs. Many coaches and healthcare practitioners look for qualified providers to become a certified Neuroplastician themselves. But there is not many. In collaboration with a group of Ph.D. students at the Institute of Organisational Neuroscience we have developed the Neuroplastician Certification Program.


Obtain an expert level certification in the application of neuroscience and become a certified Neuroplastician

The Neuroplastician Certification Program will give you the knowledge to apply neuroscience in your practice and give you the credibility of calling yourself a certified Neuroplastician.

The Neuroplastician™ Certification Program

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