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​Dr. Justin James Kennedy
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A Change of Mind

Will Change Your Brain

Dr. Justin James Kennedy

TEDx Speaker | Behavioural Neuroscience Professor | Academic & Executive Coach | Performance & Wellness Expert | Ph.D. Supervisor | Researcher & Author.

Reboot Your Brain

Explore the brain, understand emotions and unleash potential using applied neuroscience.

Areas of Applied Neuroscience


Neuroscience of Organisational Wellbeing

My chapter on the Neuroscience of Wellbeing for a university textbook, details how my consulting services ensure people thrive and perform best remotely and in office. Find Out More


Ph.D. Coaching

Complete an internationally accredited Ph.D. in record time 100% based on your work, not academic theory. Be supported 100% of the way. 

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Brain-Friendly Sales Tools

My neuromarketing inspired brain hacks teach theories and skills required to understand and influence decision making and predict buying behaviour.

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(Neuro) Psychological Safety Programs

In discussion with thought leaders in Psychological Safety in the Institute of Organisational Neuroscience, we offer assessments and interventions for Neuro-Psychological Safety at the workplace.

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Neuroplastician Certification

Watch the space.

This is a new certification program that will launch soon.

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​Understand the brain, master emotional charge, change behavior consciously.

Contact me to get started.



Dubai, Executive Club, Workshop

Shell Safety Day, Annual Conference

Punnadhamo, my friend the Buddhist Monk

Marshall Goldsmith, my coach & mentor

Workshop, Dubai Eye

Organizational Neuroscience Applications

Applied neuroscience in business is a strategic and highly effective method used by organizations interested in wellbeing interventions and increased team productivity. I consult organizations in the areas of behavioral neuroscience, coach leaders on the neuroscience hacks and help them motivate and engage with their teams in a brain-friendly way for better performance and sustained wellbeing results.

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Organizational Wellbeing Neuroscience 


The Doctor of Professional Studies (or sometimes awarded as a Professional Ph.D. or  Doctorate in Professional Practice) is a doctoral degree for experienced professionals who wish to undertake a program that is applied in nature and of practical value to their career.

In this Academic Coaching Program I help professionals achieve their academic dream by helping them get registered into a Ph.D. program with a renown university, and coach them through the process. Their doctoral studies are less theoretical but rather based on applied research of real-world professional challenges. 

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Ph.D. Coaching Program & Supervision



Neuroplastician - Certification Program

Neuroscience is trending. Many practitioners are in need for a proof of qualification in the area of applied neuroscience.  In collaboration with academic institutions and certified experts I offer educational programs, group coaching sessions and self paced courses in applied neuroscience for business professionals and coaches.

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