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​Dr. Justin James Kennedy
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The Fundamentals of Applied Neuroplasticity for the Neuroplastician™

Masterclass Series

Unlocking the Power of Neuroplasticity

Dr. Justin James Kennedy

TEDx Speaker | Behavioural Neuroscience Professor | Academic & Executive Coach | Performance & Wellness Expert | Ph.D. Supervisor | Researcher & Author.

Unlock the Power of Neuroplasticity

Are you ready to unleash the incredible power of your brain and become a competent Neuroplastician™ by mastering the NFiT™ Methodology?

Are you ready to tap into the full potential of your brain and become a Neuroplastician™?


Join our exclusive 10-week Masterclass Series and become a skilled Neuroplastician™. Leverage the power of neuroplasticity to enhance your own life and for your clients.


This is a Beta Test exclusively designed for npnHub members! This unique 10-week journey will unlock the skills your need to understand the brain's incredible capacity to rewire and reshape itself.

And you will learn to apply the NFiT™ methodology that ensures sustained brain-based behavior change for clients. Become a Certified Neuroplastician™

This series will equip you with the competencies to qualify.

Welcome to the Fundamentals of Neuroplasticity Masterclass Series!


This masterclass series is not your typical textbook-style course on the brain.

As a participant, you will delve deep into the practical applications of neuroplasticity.

You'll become a skilled Neuroplastician™ equipped with the knowledge and techniques to apply cutting-edge science in real-world scenarios with real skills from the NFiT Methodology

What to Expect



The NFiT Methodology

At the core of this masterclass lies the Neuroplasticity-Focused interoception Toolkit (NFiT)

This innovative approach empowers Neuroplasticians to ensure clients effectively create lasting brain-based behavior changes.


You will learn how to integrate interoceptive practices, and emotional, social, and cognitive strategies to support your clients' journey toward growth and sustained transformation.

Curriculum Highlights:

Become a competent Neuroplastician™


Week 1: Understanding Neuroplasticity: Myths and Realities

In this foundational week, gain a deep understanding of neuroplasticity's practical applications. Learn how to apply the NFiT Methodology to rewire brains for positivity.


Week 2: Brain Anatomy, Oxygenation and Neurotransmission Basics

Master the fundamental knowledge of brain anatomy and the basics of neural communication.

Comprehend how to develop targeted interventions with NFiT


Week 3: The Power of Neural Networks and Synaptic Plasticity

Explore the dynamic world of synaptic plasticity and its role in shaping neural networks. Discover how to optimize neuroplasticity using the NFiT Methodology to support growth.


Week 4: NFiT: Tuning into the Body-Brain Connection

Understand the interplay between body and brain. Learn how to harness interoception with the NFiT Methodology to achieve holistic well-being and effective behavior change.


Week 5: Neuroplasticity in Action: Learning and Memory

Uncover the neural processes behind learning and memory formation. Apply the NFiT Methodology strategies to enhance memory retention and accelerate learning.


Week 6: Rewiring for Resilience and Emotional Regulation

Develop resilience by rewiring your brain's response to stress and emotions using the NFiT Methodology. Learn how to apply NFiT and techniques for emotional well-being.


Week 7: Harnessing Neuroplasticity for Improved Cognitive Function

Discover powerful techniques to enhance cognitive function and sharpen your focus and mental clarity. Apply the NFiT Methodology to achieve peak cognitive performance.


Week 8: Mindfulness and Brain-Rewiring Techniques

Immerse yourself in practices and brain-rewiring techniques. Master the integration of mindfulness into your daily life and coaching practice using the NFiT Methodology.


Week 9: Applying the NFiT Methodology for Sustained Behavior Change

Now comes the core of the masterclass – mastering the NFiT Methodology. Dive deep into the practical application of interoception, mindfulness, and cognitive strategies for creating lasting behavior changes for yourself and your clients.


Week 10: Becoming a Competent Neuroplastician: Case Studies 

In this culminating week, put your knowledge and skills to the test. Engage in case studies and a final project to showcase your expertise as a competent Neuroplastician applying the NFiT Methodology. Learn how to make a significant impact on the lives of others through effective neuroplasticity programs.

Exclusively for npnHub Members: Tailored for participants who already know the brain's capacity to rewire itself and want to learn the NFiT system and certify as a Neuroplastician™.

Why Choose this Masterclass? 


Secure your spot in this exclusive masterclass. Be in the beta Test team and take the first step to become a skilled and certified Neuroplastician™.

Don't Miss This Opportunity!



Enroll now

Embark on a transformative journey starting February 15th, 2024.

Course Details


Start Date

February 15th 2024



10 weeks



Interactive, weekly online sessions


Target Audience

Exclusive to npnHub members with prior knowledge of neuroplasticity.



You will qualify for the Associate (A.npn) Neuroplastician Certification upon successful completion.



$1490.00 US


Referral Offer

$990.00 US



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